2014 Calendar Upcycle

A new calendar has been hanging on my wall for some time now. And for three good reasons. #1. Vintage Spokane Prints by Chris Bovey. #2. For the remainder of 2014 I plan to slow down and finish neglected projects, or neglected cookies. #3. I love calendars.

It's true. I love the marriage of artwork with graphic typography laid out together, nice and fresh for the new year. I love prowling artists blogs and shops to hunt for beautiful calendars, if only I had more wall space.

One year in the quest for the perfect work calendar I disassembled the previous years weekly planner and saved the clear cover and wire spiral binding. Then I busted out rulers, drafting tools, Rives BFK printmaking paper, and rubber stamps. After cutting each page and hand punching the holes to fit the spiral binding and cover, I painstakingly measured out and marked each day and hand stamped the date for every day of the year. It was a glorious year of weekly planning.

So you probably didn't hand make your calendar this year, and neither did I, but you probably do have a 2014 calendar headed for the recycling. Before tossing it in the bin here are 10 ways to upcycle your old calendar.

origami cranes
paper boxes
altered book
wrapping paper
paper beads
frame it as art

Wait. You aren't planning to DIY your calendar into art this year? No problem. Give it to Art Salvage and we will pass it onto a creative soul. Look for the January 2015 Material Collection Event coming soon. Stay tuned for more details.