The humble TP toll

You might not think much about the cardboard toilet paper roll as you pull off the last few sheets and toss (or compost)  the empty roll. Unless you are an elementary school teacher or an avid Pinterester (is that a real adjective?). Or perhaps some kids I know who want to collect them in public restrooms so that they can take them home and make monsters and binoculars. Those kids must have crazy-crafty hoarding parents.

Pinterest (see our idea board here) doesn't disappoint on this topic. And there are plenty of ideas beyond the multitude of kids crafts. From home hacks to beautiful wall art and some serious fine art.

You need empty rolls, scissors and glue. Paint, glitter and washi tape are great additions too. But making art is always better with friends. Come to our workshop for inspiration, tutorials, and community.

Cardboard Tube Construction Workshop
March 21st, 2015, 1-3pm
INK Artspace, 228 W Sprague Ave