What is creative reuse?

Creative reuse is about using otherwise discarded things to create art. You might call it upcycling or repurposing. Whether the end product is functional, decorative, or experiential creative reuse is all about the merging of sustainability with creativity.  

What is Art Salvage about?

Spokane's first creative reuse center dedicated to sustainability, community, and creativity. Art Salvage offers a place to donate your usable art materials, a place to buy affordable art materials, and a place to be creative. Most people have leftovers from projects or materials that have been saved but will never be used. Businesses have seconds, damaged goods, or out of season materials that are not needed anymore.  By gathering all of these usable things together in one place we create an accessible and inspiring place to load up on art materials. Because Art Salvage is supported by donations the materials are affordable, always changing and more varied than what you might find in a traditional art or craft store.

Who is creative reuse for?

Artists, crafters, teachers, students, professionals, beginners. Everyone! 

Where is Art Salvage?

Art Salvage opens April 25th, 2018
1925 N Ash St, Spokane WA 99205
Hours: Wednesday- Saturday, 10am-4pm

What kind of art supplies and materials can I buy from Art Salvage?

An ever changing selection of: Artist Supplies, Paper, Craft & Scrapbooking Supplies, Fabric & Sewing Notions, Party Supplies , Office Supplies, Frames & Signage, Interior Design Samples, Containers, Vintage Ephemera, Metal Scraps, Wood Pieces, Plastic Bits, Doodads, Widgets & Whatnots.

When is the next event?

Check the Events page or Facebook for current information on classes and events.

What materials can I donate?

See the complete list of materials. All materials are accepted at the discretion of Art Salvage based on need and condition of materials. 

How do I donate materials?

Donations are accepted Fridays from 10am-3pm.

*For donations exceeding 1-2 bags please make an appointment
connect@artsalvagespokane.com or 509-598-8983

Your donation may be tax deductible
Art Salvage EIN # 811637564

What materials are not accepted by Art Salvage?

Household appliances, used clothing or linens, food containers, any flammable items, computers, ink cartridges, furniture, dried up markers, soiled or dirty items.

Is my donation tax DEDUCTIBLE?

Art Salvage is a 501c3 nonprofit. Your donation may be tax deductible.
Art Salvage EIN # 811637564

Where can I donate items that are not accepted by Art Salvage?

A list of just some of the agencies in Spokane that do accept many of the items Art Salvage cannot is found here.

How can I be more involved with Art Salvage?

Are you interested in volunteering? Maybe you would like to lead an Art Salvage Workshop or be involved with arts and our community. Send us an email and tell us a little bit about how your talents could serve Art Salvage. connect@artsalvagespokane.com

How do I make a monetary donation to Art Salvage?

You can donate via the Art Salvage site or in person at the store.

How does my monetary donation help?

Donations are used to buy any needed supplies or tools for workshops offered in the community and to sustain the operations of the organization so we can continue the mission of creative reuse. 

Are there other creative reuse centers?

Yes! See a list of creative reuse centers in the US and around the world.

I love creative reuse! Where can I find more information?

The Reuse Alliance will lead you to more information about creative reuse.